The Human Centipede

The Human Centipede AKA the worst movie ever made.
I was dared to watch this unfortunate movie and guess what I did.. I watched the movie.

I’m pretty sure most of you can make out how awful the movie is by the name alone, but for those who need more explanation than just a name, it was disturbing, pointless and the ending was probably the worst I have ever seen.

The ending left loose ends hanging. There were so many scenarios that could have happened after the ending that by the end of it, it makes you wonder if the movie’s budget ran out that the people involved in this movie were not  able to finish it. It was utterly incomplete.
But honestly, I think the director did us a favour by ending it a little early.

As for the disturbing scenes, let me tell you, I am not easily disturbed by scenarios that most people find offensive. I have read book that are too much for some people to handle and I have given them a good review but this movie was way over line.

Here is the trailer for this movie which is NOTHING compared to how gross the movie really is. It just gives a little peek which doesn’t tell you much about it but it does tell you enough for you  to want to stay away.

See what I’m talking about?
If you still aren’t deterred, kudos to you. But be warned, it may just scar you for life.


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