People look at me,
and I see the look of pity
that they shoot my way.

I stare back at them
with empty eyes;
Remembering that unfortunate day.

I was but a child,
content with my balloons and toys;
Until the monster whisked me away.

He took me,
and for years all I saw was him.
As he forced me to obey.

He treated me like I was his pet.
Like he had done me a favour by abducting me.
As if I was nothing but a stray.

I lost track of time.
I sat in the dark,
and waited for him to come play.

But something extraordinary happened.
He got drunk,
And left open the door to the hallway.

I found my way out.
I ran without knowing where,
but so happy to finally get away.

I was free,
I found help.
I would never again be locked away.

But even as I try to forget,
Every time I see the look of pity on someone’s face,
I am reminded of what happened
while I was his prey.


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