He was weak
at least that’s what he’s been told.
All his life,
that’s all he heard.
From his mother, his father, his supposed friends;
they were all like a broken record.
He always denied it.
He never believed them.
But somewhere along the way,
he started questioning his strength.
Did it even exist?
He needed to prove to them now
but more so to himself
that indeed, it did exist.

Burning is known to be the most painful way to die.
No weakling could ever jump into a blazing fire.
And so he did
what only a man with great courage could do.
He walked towards the flame
and fiery fingers wrapped around him,
swallowing him completely.
It must have hurt.
Must have been excruciating.
But he didn’t let anyone know that;
There were no screams
not even a whimper.
And just like that
he was no longer a coward.
He wasn’t even flesh and bones.
All he was….
was ash.

Meghna Jain


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