[Letters to Characters] Cut from Final Debt


Letters to Characters is a feature hosted at Awesome Book Assessment. This feature is all about expressing your feelings towards a character, whether those feelings of hate or of love, that depends entirely upon you. It is not necessary that the characters be from a book, the characters can also be from movies, tv shows, web comic, manga or whatever you like.

This letter is dedicated to….

Cut from Final Debt

If you haven’t read the last book in the indebted series, i.e., final debt, I strongly advice that you do not continue reading this letter. It will ruin the entire book for you. 

Dear Mr. Hawk

I hope this letter reaches you in hell.. Or is it heaven? No, it can’t be. You were too far gone for redemption. But in the end you truly did repent. All the awful things you did.. They somewhat made sense in the end. So maybe, just maybe, you didn’t get locked away in the pits of hell for eternity after all.

Your death was supposed to make me happy; give me a sense of achievement just like Bonnie’s and Daniel’s death did. But instead, you made me wish that you didn’t have to die the way that you did. You made me cry when I had no intention to do so. Even the death of Kestrel, kind and pure hearted Kestrel, couldn’t make me cry.

So hats off to you Bryan Cut Hawk, for making the impossible happen.
May you finally find peace away from Bonnie, knowing that you never have to hurt Jasmine, Jethro or anyone ever again.



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