Hi, I’m Meghna. I’m 15 years old with lots of things to do and yet, I always end up being up being bored. As I said, I have lots of things to do but I’m mostly too lazy to get up and do them.

Now, being bored causes problems. One of them being insanity and the other, food.
I’m sure the former is understandable so let me explain the latter.

Like a lot of people, my boredom sometimes (most of the time) gets associated (confused) with hunger. And since I’m bored most of the time, it inevitable leads to me eating most of the time.

But me eating’s not even the problem; It’s me not finding anything worthwhile to eat. I am VERY picky about my food and that doesn’t mean I count every calorie in my food, no. It means that my taste buds have exceptionally high standards that are hellish to fulfill.

And hence, I started up Immutable Chatter, hoping that it will be the extraordinary solution to all my problems.

If you would like to share your thoughts on this blog or just want to chat, here’s where you can find me: meghna.jain2000@gmail.com


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